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- Free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.
- Seating begins at 6:30pm unless otherwise noted.
- Our downstairs event space is not handicapped accessible; if you need further assistance please call ahead of time for accommodation at (617) 566-6660.


- Tickets $5 unless otherwise noted.
- Purchase tickets by visiting or calling the store at (617) 566-6660.
- Line to enter the theatre begins at 5:30pm
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- For sold out events: after 5:55pm, latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the theatre.


If you can't make it to one of our excellent events, you may order signed copies of events books by calling the store at (617) 566-6660 or by ordering the book through our website. Just click "Shop Online" and request a signature and/or inscription in the "Additional Comments" field at checkout. Personalization is at author's discretion and not guaranteed.


Friday, December 12th at 7:00 PM
BASH Poetry

A series curated by Black Ocean Press featuring the freshest and finest poets, featuring Joyelle McSweeney, Aaron Kunin, and Anna Moschovakis.


Saturday, December 13th at 6:00 PM
Jeremy Sewall
The New England Kitchen: Fresh Takes on Seasonal Recipes

The New England Kitchen: Fresh Takes on Seasonal Recipes is the debut cookbook of acclaimed Boston chef Jeremy Sewall, the Chef and owner of Brookline’s Lineage restaurant, Island Creek Oyster Bar and the newly opened Row 34. Highlighting contemporary New England fare and adapting the region’s fresh, simple flavors into refined dishes for the home cook, the book features more than 100 delectable recipes from the area’s most celebrated farms and fisheries, for easy at-home cooking and entertaining. Chef Sewall will be providing food samples at the event.  


Saturday, December 13th at 10:30 AM
Simone Bloom Nathan
Eight Candles and a Tree

Special Holiday Story Time! After the story there will be a fun coloring activity!


Thursday, December 18th at 8:00 PM
Bill Nye
Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation

Brookline Booksmith is thrilled to partner with the Wilbur Theater to bring you an evening with Bill Nye! In "Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation", Bill Nye explains why race does not really exist; evaluates the true promise and peril of genetically modified food; reveals how new species are born, in a dog kennel and in a London subway; takes a stroll through 4.5 billion years of time; and explores the new search for alien life, including aliens right here on Earth. With infectious enthusiasm, Bill Nye shows that evolution is much more than a rebuttal to creationism; it is an essential way to understand how nature works—and to change the world.

For all ticket information please contact the Wilbur Theater at 617-248-9700 or follow this link:


Thursday, December 18th at 7:00 PM
Small Press Book Club

Small Press Book Club will NOT be meeting this month! They will reconvene next month. Thank you!


Tuesday January 6th at 7:00 pm

Amir Aczel
Finding Zero

Finding Zero is an adventure filled saga of Amir Aczel’s lifelong obsession: to find the original sources of our numerals. Aczel has doggedly crisscrossed the ancient world, scouring dusty, moldy texts, cross examining so-called scholars who offered wildly differing sets of facts, and ultimately penetrating deep into a Cambodian jungle to find a definitive proof. Here, he takes the reader along for the ride.


Wednesday January 7th at 7:00 pm
Jason Sokol
All Eyes Are Upon Us

The Northeastern United States—home to abolitionism and a refuge for blacks fleeing the Jim Crow South—has had a long and celebrated history of racial equality and political liberalism. After World War II, the region appeared poised to continue this legacy, electing black politicians and rallying behind black athletes and cultural leaders. However, as historian Jason Sokol reveals in All Eyes Are Upon Us, these achievements obscured the harsh reality of a region riven by segregation and deep-seated racism.

Thursday January 8th at 7:00 pm

Michael Blumenthal
The Greatest Jewish American Lover in Hungarian History

In this short story collection Michael Blumenthal draws both a humorous and heartrending portrait of expatriate life in Europe, as well as the hazards and confusions that confront a European sensibility living in contemporary America. In venues as diverse as Israel, Hungary, Paris, Cambridge and, even, Texas, the stories testify to the work of an American in an increasingly connected and globalized world.


Friday January 9th at 7:00 pm

A series curated by Black Ocean Press featuring the freshest and finest poets.
Monday January 12th at 7:30 pm
Brookline Booksmith Book Club

The Brookline Booksmith Book Club meets the second Monday of every month, at 7:30 pm downstairs in our Writers and Readers Room. No need to sign up, just show up. To contact our moderator, email
Thursday January 15th at 7:00 pm
Small Press Book Club

Our new bookclub selects readings from independent presses. Read something off the beaten path! Free and open to the public meeting the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm. This month’s selection is Nochita by Dia Felix.

Friday January 16th at 7:00 pm
Breakwater Reading Series

Join us for a night of new stories, essays, and poems by MFA candidates from Emerson, BU, and UMass Boston. Fore more information, please visit

Friday January 17th at 10:30 am
Kid's Storytime

Do you love picture books? Join us in our children’s section as our fine children’s team reads stories aloud every third Saturday and last Sunday of the month.

Monday January 19th at 7:00 pm
Michael Crummey

Michael Crummey (Galore) returns with Sweetland, the novel The Vancouver Sun calls “a thing of beauty, one of the finest novels we are likely to encounter this year.”  For twelve generations, when the fish were plentiful and when they all-but disappeared, the inhabitants of this remote island in Newfoundland have lived and died together. Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, they are facing resettlement, and each has been offered a generous compensation package to leave. But the money is offered with a proviso: everyone has to go; the government won't be responsible for one crazy coot who chooses to stay alone on an island. That coot is Moses Sweetland. As he manages a desperately diminishing food supply, and battles against the ravages of weather, Sweetland finds himself in the company of the vibrant ghosts of the former islanders, whose porch lights still seem to turn on at night.
Tuesday January 20th at 7:00 pm
Thomas O’Malley and Douglas Graham Purdy
Serpents in the Cold

Post-war Boston is down on its luck and looking for change. The winter of 1951 is the worst in recent memory, and the Bruins are suffering another losing season. Like the city itself, lifelong residents Cal O’Brien and Dante Cooper are struggling to find their identities after World War II. Cal has built a mildly promising life for himself as an employee of a company providing private security, whether to an honorable businessman who needs a nightwatchman or to an Irish mafioso who needs to have someone’s legs broken. Dante is everything Cal is not. A heroin addict trying and failing to stay clean, Dante feels the call to do good after he discovers that his sister-in-law was the latest victim of a serial killer targeting disadvantaged women. Woefully unqualified, but determined to help, Cal and Dante take it upon themselves to track the killer—but their daunting quest takes on dangerous consequences when the trail leads them to the highest ranks of city government. An absorbing mixture of history and suspense, told with a meticulous eye for detail and character, Serpents in the Cold is a moving exploration about two men battling for second chances.

Wednesday January 21st at 7:00 pm
Roger Rosenblatt
The Book of Love

The beloved New York Times bestselling author of Making Toast and Kayak Morning returns with a powerful meditation on a universal subject: love. In The Book of Love, Roger Rosenblatt explores love in all its moods and variations—romantic love, courtship, battle, mystery, marriage, heartbreak, fury, confusion, melancholy, delirium, ecstasy; love of family, of friends; love of home, of country, of work, of writing, of solitude, of art; love of nature; love of life itself. Lively yet profound, poignant yet joyous, The Book of Love is a triumph of intellect and imagination: a personal discourse on love that is both novel and timeless.


Thursday January 22nd at 7:00 pm
Steve Himmer
Robert Repino

Steve Himmer’s Fram is the story of Oscar, a minor bureaucrat in the US government’s Bureau of Ice Prognostication, an agency created to compete with the Soviets during the heyday of the Cold War and still operating in the present without the public’s knowledge. Oscar and his partner Alexi are tasked with inventing discoveries and settlements in the Arctic, then creating the paperwork and digital records to “prove” their existence, preventing the inconvenience and expense of actual exploration. The job is the closest Oscar has come to his boyhood dream of being a polar explorer, until he and Alexi are sent on a secret mission to the actual Arctic, which brings them into a mysterious tangle of rival agencies and espionage that grows more dangerous the farther north they travel.

In Robert Repino’s Mort(e) the “war with no name” has begun, with human extinction as its goal. The instigator of this war is the Colony, a race of intelligent ants who, for thousands of years, have been silently building an army that would forever eradicate the destructive, oppressive humans. Former housecat turned war hero, Mort(e) is famous for taking on the most dangerous missions and fighting the dreaded human bio-weapon EMSAH. But the true motivation behind his recklessness is his ongoing search for a pre-transformation friend—a dog named Sheba. When he receives a mysterious message from the dwindling human resistance claiming Sheba is alive, he begins a journey that will take him from the remaining human strongholds to the heart of the Colony, where he will discover the source of EMSAH and the ultimate fate of all of earth’s creatures.
Sunday January 25th at 10:30 am

Do you love picture books? Join us in our children’s section as our fine children’s team reads stories aloud every third Saturday and last Sunday of the month.

Tuesday January 27th at 7:00 pm
Roger Cohen
The Girl from Human Street: Ghosts of Memory from a Jewish Family

In this luminous memoir, award-winning New York Times columnist Roger Cohen turns a compassionate yet discerning eye on the legacy of his own forebears. Beginning in the nineteenth century and continuing through to the present day, Cohen tracks his family’s story of repeated upheaval, from Lithuania to South Africa, and then to England, the United States, and Israel. It is a tale of otherness marked by overt and latent anti-Semitism, but also otherness as a sense of inheritance. At the heart of The Girl from Human Street is the powerful and touching relationship between Cohen and his mother, that “girl.” Graceful, honest, and sweeping, Cohen’s remarkable chronicle of the quest for belonging across generations contributes an important chapter to the ongoing narrative of Jewish life. This event is co-sponsored by the Jewish Women’s Archive. Please visit them at
Wednesday January 28th at 7:00 pm
Brandon Sanderson

Firefight is the second book of Brandon Sanderson’s exciting new young adult Reckoners series, and the sequel to the #1 New York Times Bestseller Steelheart. If you haven’t read Steelheart, stop reading this now! Spoilers ahead...

They told David it was impossible, that even the Reckoners had never killed a High Epic. Yet Steelheart – invincible, immortal, unconquerable – is dead. And he died by David's hand. Eliminating Steelheart was supposed to make life simpler. Instead, it only made David realize he has questions. Big ones. And no one in Newcago can give him answers. Babylon Restored, the city formerly known as the borough of Manhattan, has possibilities, though. Ruled by the mysterious High Epic Regalia, Babylon Restored is flooded and miserable, but David is sure it's the path that will lead him to what he needs to find.

Thursday January 29th at 7:00 pm
Tasneem Zehra Husain
Only the Longest Threads

Only the Longest Threads is the fiction debut of string theorist Tasneem Zehra Husain. July 2012. When the decades long search for the Higgs Boson comes to a triumphant end, Leo, a science writer, and Sara, an aspiring string theorist, are among the jubilant crowd at CERN. As they discuss this historic event and the emotions it evokes, Leo suddenly experiences a moment of clarity - he realizes  the true experience of science can never be communicated by words which fail to reflect the passion of the endeavor. He makes it his goal to write a reimagined history of physics; one that captures the excitement and essence of moments that changed, forever, our perception of the universe and our place in it.

Wednesday, February 4th at 7:00 pm
Deborah Voigt
Call Me Debbie

Through her stage performances and television appearances, Deborah Voigt is known for the singular power and beauty of her voice. Praised by the Associated Press for “a stage presence that radiates an endearing charm,” Voigt has been described by the New York Times as “the only diva who might carry on Beverly Sills’ role as ‘opera cheerleader’ in America.” In her candid and soul-bearing memoir, Call Me Debbie: True Confessions of a Down-to-Earth Diva, Voigt for the first time shares her story—of music and faith, of devastating addictions and recovery, and of the backstage dramas behind the glamorous curtain that is opera.

Read more on the Berklee Website
Tickets are $35 and include a copy of Call Me Debbie Click Here to purchase

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